Registration Instructions for 2020 Young Men Regional Summer Camp

May 3, 2020 — COVID-19 Update

Based on guidance from church officials, the 2020 Young Men Regional Summer Camp has been cancelled.
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For a successful registration experience, follow these instructions carefully.

Camp registration will open on or about March 1, 2020. Class sign up will begin Sunday, June 7, 2020, at 6:30PM EDT.

Older youth can be nominated as counselors in training. These youth take an active role during flag ceremonies and campfires, and teach alongside experienced instructors. Learn more about the counselors in training program.

Create an account

  1. The bishopric is responsible for registering campers, but they may also designate another adult in the ward to assist.
  2. Before registering campers, you must create an account on To receive an invitation, please contact us and provide your ward/branch and stake.
  3. We will send you an invitation email. Click the link in the email to sign in and choose a password.
  4. DO NOT give youth or parents your password. Parents and other leaders will be given the opportunity to create their own accounts on

Register youth and adults for camp

  1. Sign in to Under the "Camp" menu, select "Register for Camp". On the roster, select "Add Personnel."
  2. On the next screen, you choose whether this camper has attended camp at any time in the past. Importing campers from previous years saves you time and allows us to provide you with a complete advancement history for that camper.
  3. Enter the camper's name and date of birth. You'll answer different questions based on whether the camper is 18 years of age on the first day of camp.
  4. Select the Ward, Position, and Shirt size.
  5. Enter the camper's contact information. For youth, include one or more parent email addresses. We'll invite the camper (or parent of a camper, if a youth) to create an account on, so make sure the email address is correct. Note that when importing a camper, you cannot change their email address if they have already created an account on
  6. If an adult is only attending part of the week, check each night the adult will be staying overnight. If an adult is attending every night, leave this section blank.
  7. If a youth has a conflict due to school, he may arrive to camp late and only be charged for a partial week. Select the day he will arrive (or, if arriving at night, select the next morning). Discounts cannot be given if a young man leaves camp early.
  8. Comments may be entered to provide the camp staff with additional information on this participant.
  9. After reviewing all information, click "Register." An email will be sent to the camper (or parent, if a youth) inviting them to create an account on

Additional steps

  1. As you register each individual, you need to nominate adults as instructors when appropriate. You will need to re-nominate individuals each year.
  2. After you complete registration, you can make changes to the youth and adult instructor nominations by selecting Counselors in Training under the "Camp" menu, or Nominate an Instructor under the "Classes" menu.
  3. When you have finished registering everyone, click on the Full Report button to generate the registration report. This report will show everyone from your ward who is registered for camp. Review the information for accuracy. On this report, "Age" refers to the camper's age on the first day of camp. Instructors will show the full fee until they are accepted by the Camp Director. Once they are accepted to teach, their fees will be reduced. Prior to sending in your registration fees, view your registration report one last time to be sure to get the correct fee.
  4. Information for Personnel, Instructors, and counselors in training can be changed at any time by returning to the appropriate page, modifying the information listed and clicking on the "Save" button. Note that you cannot change a camper's email address once they have created an account on
  5. Once a person is accepted as an instructor, they can only be deleted by the Camp Director. This is because they have been assigned and are expected to teach a class. Email the Camp Director to have a person removed.
  6. Camp fees for 2020:
    1. Early registration discounts apply to individuals registered online by 11:59pm Jun 1, 2019 along with fees postmarked by Jun 3, 2019. All registrations after Jun 1 will pay the regular rate.
    2. Youth — $275.00 ($296.00 after Jun 1)
    3. Counselor in training — $160.00 ($180.00 after Jun 1)
    4. Adults (non teaching) — $140.00 (or $35.00/day)
    5. Staff and instructors — $50.00

    Your registration report will list your total fees due. Please make out a check payable to Soldier Hill New Jersey Stake and mail to:

    Bishop Manchester
    2 Van Saun Place
    Pompton Plains, New Jersey 07444

    Registration fee payments must be postmarked by Jun 3, 2019 to qualify for the early registration discount.

  7. Please refer to the separate instructions regarding medical forms and physical exams.
  8. Please refer to the separate instructions regarding class signups.