Frequently Asked Questions

January 23, 2020

What will be different about camp in 2020?
The Young Men Regional Summer Camp is a continuation of the Hudson-Delaware LDS Regional Scout Encampment. The same camp leadership and program directors are returning to run the camp in 2020. Youth and adults will have access to the same outstanding facilities they have enjoyed in past years at Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation. Instead of following prescribed merit badge requirements, youth will have some flexibility to set their own goals from these four areas: physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual. Youth are encouraged to select at least one subject from each of these four areas.

Building on 45 years of experience running Scout camps, and with the support of the Church's new youth program, the staff of the Young Men Regional Summer Camp will encourage young men to explore and stretch themselves, while providing all of the familiar classes and activities that youth have grown to love over the years. These include swimming, boating, fishing, ecology, citizenship, technology, Gospel instruction, and many, many other topics.


When does camp start?
Camp will run Monday, June 29 through Saturday, July 4, 2020. Please report to the dining hall promptly at your assigned time on Monday morning.
How can I get important news and event updates?
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What are the 2020 camp fees?
Can I get a refund if a young man does not attend an entire week or does not show up at all?
Your ward will receive a refund if a young man cannot come to camp. If any youth need to come to camp late because of school, indicate this on the registration form and their fee will be prorated. Refunds cannot be given if a youth leaves camp early.
How do I pay the registration fee?
Please make out a check payable to Soldier Hill New Jersey Stake and mail to:

Bishop Manchester
2 Van Saun Place
Pompton Plains, New Jersey 07444

Registration fee payments must be postmarked by Jun 3, 2019 to qualify for the early registration discount.

What do I need to bring to camp?
Start by reviewing the Individual Equipment List. Remember to put your name on all belongings. Radios, MP3 players, CD players, fireworks, aerosol cans, large knives, and electronic devices are NOT allowed. Each ward should also make sure to bring the items on the Ward Equipment List.
Is there internet/cell phone coverage at camp?
Yes; however, access to Wi-Fi will be restricted and young men are strongly discouraged from bringing cell phones to camp. See the Leader's Guide for more info.
Can youth who are not yet 12 attend the Young Men Regional Summer Camp?
Yes. With their parents' approval, youth may attend camp if they will turn 12 by December 31st of that year. A parent is not required to accompany youth that are not yet 12.
Do I need a physical for camp?
Yes. All youth, and adults staying 72 hours or more, must have received a physical on or after July 5, 2019. All campers, regardless of age or length of stay, must complete the BSA Medical Form. Please closely follow the instructions for completing the medical form.
How do I complete the Church's training for Protecting Children and Youth?
You can complete the training here.


How do I register for camp?
A member of the bishopric, branch presidency, or Aaronic Priesthood quorum advisor or specialist registers the entire ward or branch for camp by following the Personnel Registration Instructions.
When can I register my ward or branch for camp?
Personnel registration will begin in early 2020.
My ward/stake/other group would like to attend your camp.
There are a lot of young men in my ward. Do I have to re-enter all of their registration information each year?
Each young man and adult must be re-registered each year, but there is no need to re-enter all of the information. To save time, you can import registrations from past years. From the Troop page, select "Add Personnel", then "Yes, this is a RETURNING camper". Select the name of the returning camper from the list. Review, and update if necessary, the camper's information, then click "Register".
One or more young men attended camp in the past, but with a different ward. Can I still import their registrations?
Yes. From the ward page, select "Add Personnel", then "Yes, this is a RETURNING camper", then "Import a camper from a different unit". You will need to provide the camper's full name and date of birth.
When can I sign up my young men for classes?
Class signup will begin Sunday, June 7, 2020, at 6:30PM EDT. Popular classes fill fast. Advisors should be prepared to register the young men the moment signups begin. Read and follow the Class Signup Instructions.
What classes are offered at camp?
See the list of offered classes here.


Are instructors required to fill out yellow cards, as in previous years?
No. Beginning in 2020, young men will be primarily responsible for keeping a journal or record of their achievements at camp. They are encouraged to share their journals with their advisors and parents, as appropriate.


How do I register for camp?
The bishopric or Aaronic Priesthood quorum advisor registers the entire ward for camp by following the Personnel Registration Instructions.
How do I register for classes?
The bishopric or Aaronic Priesthood quorum advisor registers the entire ward for classes by following the Class Signup Instructions.
I am a parent. Where do I go to view my son's class schedule?
You can view your son's schedule and past classes by visiting the registration page.
Can I see a list of merit badges my young men completed at camp in previous years?
Parents, advisors, and stake coordinators can view a list of badges their young men completed under Merit Badges, Advancement, View Advancement Report. Depending on your leadership position, up to four different reports will be available. Use the drop down menus to filter each report. Each young man's history is also displayed on their registration page.