Merit Badge Counselor FAQs

Updated: March 19, 2017

Why do I need to keep a record of my teaching time?
We are conducting a study this year to see if we are assigning the correct amount of teaching time for each class. Please keep a record of how much time it takes to finish the requirements for each class you teach. Class size may effect the amount of time it takes to complete the requirements. Based on the information collected, we may be able to shorten some class periods allowing Scouts to register for other classes.
What do I need to bring to camp?
In addition to the items on the Individual Equipment List, bring any supplies you need that are NOT normally supplied by the camp. The camp will provide rosters and yellow cards. If you use a mobile device at camp, you can also access the rosters and yellow cards online.
Is there Internet/cell phone coverage at camp?
There is good cell phone coverage across Camp Allamuchy. However, Wi-Fi will only be available at select locations.
Do I need a physical for camp?
Yes. All youth, and adults staying 72 hours or more, must have received a physical on or after July 5, 2019. All campers, regardless of age or length of stay, must complete the BSA Medical Form. Please closely follow the instructions for completing the medical form.
How do I complete the BSA Youth Protection Training?
Go to the MyScouting website. Log in with your existing MyScouting account or create a new account, if you don't have one. Enter your BSA Membership ID, if you know it.
What are blue cards?
A Blue Card recognizes a Scout's completion or partial completion of a merit badge. At LDS Camp, blue cards are available immediately online when a merit badge counselor fills in the electronic yellow card at
What are yellow cards?
A Yellow Card is an electronic record showing all the Scouts registered for a particular class and the requirements they have completed so far. You are responsible for filling out the yellow card online at You may use a computer or your mobile device. If you choose not to use the online format, you will need to submit a hard copy to the office before the end of the week.
How do I fill in yellow cards on my computer or mobile device?
After activating your account, sign in and under the "Merit Badges" menu, select "View/Edit Yellow Cards" to show your teaching assignments. Select a session then follow the instructions on that page. If you do not have an account, please contact us.